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Artist Title Author Date
‘Guitar’ George Borowski Check Out Guitar George... Valve 19th Nov 04
Zweistein Trip Flip and Meditation ROCKPROF 23rd Aug 06
Zounds Demystification/Great White Hunter Dave Furgess 17th Mar 01
Youske Yamashita and Tsutsui Yasutaka IE aether 16th Jan 12
Young Gods Young Gods stray 12th Nov 02
Yoko Ono Yes, I'm a Witch Shiffi Le Soy 17th May 07
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band musik nazi 5th Aug 08
YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND Rust Phimister 21st Jul 10
Yeah Yeah Noh Leicester Square (The Best Of...) Popel Vooje 24th Oct 04
Yahowha 13 Penetration john 8th Apr 00
Yahowha 13 To The Principles For The Children john 24th Jul 00
Ya Ho Wa 13 PENETRATION - An Aquarian Symphony Mr Dreadful 19th May 04
XTC Black Sea (or goodbye Helium Kids, set controls for the Stratosphear) Andfurthermoreagain 18th Aug 11
Xasthur Portal Of Sorrow U Are A Ghost 28th Jun 10
X [Oz] X-Aspirations achuma 24th May 07
World Domination Enterprises Let's Play Domination gordon xx 24th Feb 02
Wolfgang Riechmann Wunderbar Adman 27th Feb 02
Wolf Eyes Always Wrong U Are A Ghost 9th Apr 10
Witch Hazel Landlocked flashbackcaruso 23rd May 09
Wire Chairs Missing Popel Vooje 14th Sep 04
Wire Send king feeb 19th Jul 03
Wipers Youth of America Jasonaparkes 29th Aug 07
Winston's Fumbs Real Crazy Apartment/Snow White Dave Furgess 25th May 07
Windy & Carl Depths flashbackcaruso 27th Jun 09
William Shatner The Transformed Man Os Selby 20th Jan 02
William Shatner The Transformed Man Dog 3000 16th Jan 03
William S Burroughs Nothing Here Now But The Recordings dave clarkson 6th Jan 05
William DeVaughn Be Thankful For What You Got (Parts 1 and 2) Dave Furgess 29th Sep 00
Wild Butter Wild Butter zphage 25th Jun 11
Wil Malone DeathLine Original Sountdrack gogmagog 29th Oct 07
Wigwam Being Fitter Stoke 6th Aug 02
Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub jaxen 22nd Sep 07
Whitehouse Bird Seed Serotonin 26th Mar 03
White Witch White Witch JulianStarr 7th Jun 00
White Witch White Witch aether 25th Sep 12
White Trash Road to Nowhere/Illusions Dave Furgess 23rd Sep 00
White Noise An Electric Storm briandroid 26th Feb 02
White Noise An Electric Storm Mrs Ahab 14th Jul 04
White Heaven Threshold Of The Pain/4 Hours Dave Furgess 27th Jul 03
Weird War Weird War Jasonaparkes 30th Sep 07
Weezer Pinkerton JChris 23rd May 02
Ween The Pod aaroneous 17th Aug 00
Webber / Rice Jesus Christ Superstar: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Paul Fuzz 23rd Jun 06
Wayne Shorter Super Nova Dog 3000 24th Nov 04
WATERLOO First Battle horazio 4th Jun 08
Warhorse Warhorse Joolio Geordio 18th Jan 03
Walkingseeds Bad Orb Whirling Ball Wiggy 4th Apr 05
Waldteufel Heimliches Deutschland LECamp 27th Jul 06
VOX DEI Caliente gogmagog 25th Sep 07

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