Julian Cope presents Head Heritage


Released 1996 on Atavistic
Reviewed by macromassico, 19/07/2003ce

"To the uninitiated, Mars may sound like listening to a laundromat magnified. That´s because every instrument is making a sound, but who is making which sound?
Instead of one direct sound or beat the music travels in at least 3 different directions, speeds of rhythm making a totally orbital sound, one that never really enters in the ear instead spinning around the head. At times it sounds like tortured children singing in 7 different tongues.
Sumner Crane uses the guitar more as an extension of his frustration and bottled paranoia than as a rhythm instrument.
Their music catches you off guard. It's frightening, bordering on creepy. The kind of fear you get when you're home alone and hear soft footsteps on the cellar stairs. It's deliberate fear, the kind that hits you in the left side of your brain and makes you see shadows out on the corner of your eyes" Lydia Lunch 1977
Sumner Crane dies on april, the underground remember his music.

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