Julian Cope presents Head Heritage


Released 2000 on EMI
Reviewed by phuturephase, 27/06/2003ce

I love this album, I really really love this album, got it for my birthday in 2000 fell for it straight away. Played it constantly for weeks after I got it twice a day at least, and continue to play it at least weekly since.

Voodoo is a grower, a densely layered melting pot of soul, jazz, funk and hip hop that reveals something new with every listen. God what a talent I'm listening as I'm writing and it even sounds good through the crappy speakers on my pc.

Play it loud at a party, watch people submit to the funk. Play it soft in the background while your makin' love, the sensual grooves adding subtly to the atmospere. Play it on your headphones, let the music sink into your conciousness, lose yourself for 80 minutes, don't come up for air.

This album will stand the test of time, it's not an easy album, but then all the really great ones aren't. Some times you struggle to here what he's singing, can't quite make out the words, so it draws you further in, makes you listen closer, makes you pay attention, makes you think Whoa that vocal collaging is amazing, feel the textures.

This is only his second album, I can't wait to here what he comes up with next, whatever it is I'm sure it will be worth the wait. In the sleevenotes D'Angelo lists some of his influences, Jimi, Sly, Marvin, Stevie, and Prince, all artists who have put out timeless revered spiritual music, that he aspires to these great artists, and wants to move their (very different) styles forward says a lot about D'Angelo's credibility and integrity. Rather than put out something that is 'flavour of the week', or simply copy the formula of what made Brown Sugar so successful, he moves forward, creates music that will still be listened to in 20 - 30 years.

Buy this album, listen to it, hear it, lose yourself in it, love it, treasure it. I promise you, you will not be disapointed.


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