Julian Cope presents Head Heritage


Released 1992 on ERL Records
Reviewed by David Cotner, 06/12/2002ce

The talents of Jad Fair, Tim Foljahn, and Steve Shelley appear on this 7" as the suitably-titled Mosquito, with its buzzing voices, harmonica and jugband floorboard percussion flair sprawled across the bed like Betty Blue et Zorg, further fucking with one's expectations with a locked groove (about which someone saw fit to warn prospective buyers by affixing a sticker to the sleeve that says "WARNING: Pesty Locked Groove"). What's wrong with locked grooves? They crib into the collective subconscious and are good for keeping rude neighbors at bay! They represent the very physical aspects of playing vinyl records that lead to more calories burnt for every time the needle is moved or changed! ANYway. It's slightly reminiscent of the first folk music recordings - the overall impression is that, at one of but many similar group jam sessions (jelly was all right, too), someone had left the microphone open on the Wilcox-Gay Recordio cutting machine and this is what was captured. Someone's little brother was making whispery sounds into the microphone as well…

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