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Back In Black

Released 1980 on Atlantic
Reviewed by mutleycat, 07/09/2002ce

well some folks may dismiss 'dc as shite heavy metal but after the death of Bon Scott, the band regrouped and got in a geordie with a voice like an uncleaned toilet and together they released the definative heavy rock album ..hey what about zeppelin , sabbath i hear you ask ? ... sod it Back In Black defines a genre the same way the queen mother drank gin , you knew what you were getting upfront

from hells bells onward, 'dc layed down a groove and the next 30 odd minutes.. sheer magic

and the song titles... rock and roll aint noise pollution .. given the dog a bone..

who writes that sort of stuff besides Benny hill?

plus the interplay between the Young brothers- Malcom and Angus is pretty much amazing , are guitars meant to sound like that .so separated but in tune? , ike and keef would be jealous!

as for Mr Johnson .. all together.. 1.2.3...
*in highpitched witch like voice*

"i'm rolling thunder ..i'm pouring rain ........!

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