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Boogie Down Productions
By All Means Necessary

Released 1988 on Jive/RCA
Reviewed by Le Samourai, 24/05/2002ce

This is both another classic Hip Hop joint from 1988 and the 2nd album by Boogie Down Productions (a.k.a. BDP) - a South Bronx Hip Hop duo consisting of lead M.C. KRS-ONE and (the late) DJ Scott La Rock (R.I.P.) You need this album because if it weren’t for Public Enemy you’d have KRS-ONE to thank for The Disposable Heroes, tons of other socially conscious Hip Hop artists and dance club artists too. However, most of those artists are influenced anyway by KRS-ONE and BDP (and Public
Enemy too) so why not check them both out?

This is musical minimalism at its finest folks. Most of this
record is basically KRS-ONE with a gigantic drum machine close behind him in the mix. The music that is here outside of those 2 are also kept to a minimum. But the true star here is KRS-ONE. Main difference between him and Chuck D. is he can be his own comic relief/sidekick. “My Philosophy”, “Stop The Violence”, “Illegal Business”, “T’Cha T’Cha” and “Necessary” and pure
lyrical righteousness but inbetween that he lightens the mood a little with "Part Time Suckas" and “Jimmy”
(and I’m not talking about a guy here - just a vital part of

This is another Hip Hop classic you shouldn’t miss out on. And while you’re at it, please pick up these Boogie Down Productions and KRS-ONE albums too:

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