Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Blues Creation
Demon & Eleven Children

Released 1971 on Denon (Japan)
Reviewed by basstripper, 21/09/2001ce

Oh my evilness!!!!,that's what i call an awesome album!!.
sounds like been recorded last year!!!.
first of all: i'm from Argentina ,so i apologize by my poor english!!!.The second: i'm a really mushroomhead so i left my brain in some box of rain so long time ago!!!!.
by the way:
what the fuck these japanese doomhead eat?.i can't describe this album but i can say to you that you gotta entrance in the realm of heavy-psycho retro doom rock!!.if you think that you've heard all the doom rock stuff!!!,i say shut up and say BLUES CREATION!!!!!.
from "ATOMIC BOMBS AWAY" to "DEMON & ELEVEN CHILDREN" through "SORROW","JUST WAS BORN";"BRANE BASTER" AND "SOONER OR LATER" you'll find the most terrific ethereal jap-rock madness in it!!. ok,dig it!!!!.
thanxs to these japanese rock soldiers!!!!,the doom rock world recognize yer fantastic work and gonna get the same ebony skies that you people runs once!!!!.

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