Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Lazer Guided Melodies

Released 1992 on Dedicated
Reviewed by cHARLIE, 19/07/2001ce

weLL I'm sure that most of the dOods That read this review will know this album well . If not you should hang your head low in shame !

Arguablly their finest album (not including the new 1) to date.

Mr SPAce man has with little effort shown that he truley wears the crown of sonic noise & phaze....some would even say that he has without doubt brought psycedelic vision into ThEe 21ST CENTURY...peppered with sonic drones that bring mystical sadness to the soul of any *one* who recognises the eternal saddness of every waking day (tHeE sTrUgGlE!)
This is nothing new and is well recognised by Zen Buddhists, Mahyana Buddhists, among other mythical insights of un-dogmatic wisdom's of Human HistOry & EVEN in MODERN DAY PHILOSOPHY.

Some how "this once little man"(1) has put his eternal infinite *SADNESS* into songs such as ~
*sHINe A LiGhT* & *sWAY*...*Symphony SpAce*!
EvEn after TeN years of playing this album it some how always remains bran-fecken new in my BATTERED mind !

Personally I am aware of some of the hellish smack driven stories about Jason and also aware of his self desTruction toward his old band members (now *LoOpINE hOWL*) . But what the hell, every thing that Mr Spaceman Touches turns to gold... Hate him or luv him Jason has burst the bubble with all that he has done, but
*Lazer Guided Melodies* is a GuRu of infinity FaR beyond Rock *n* Roll Boundries of pUsSy cat Doggma !

I'm amazed that he is still alive, never mind making great albums of the 21st century. A true Guru of silence flexing his sonic wisdom where ever he goes *SpiRiTuaLiZeD*!
Don't TAlk 2 mE abOuT HeAvy MeTAL.....!
jUsT LiStEn tO tHeEe VoId;)


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