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Union Carbide Productions
In The Air Tonite

Released 1989 on Radium 226.05 (Sweden) Skyclad (US)
Reviewed by full metal jacket, 10/06/2001ce

As with some contemporary bands when mining the late Sixties Dee - troit sonic blueprint for raw rock n roll, they can fall into the trap of coming off as being merely revivalists. On their debut release, Union Carbide Productions however has the rare distinction of not only approximating the feverish, frenetic, mind - fuck intensity of the Stooges in all their glory but continues their forefather's experiment of fusing free jazz with rock and roll. Iggy Pop stated once in an interview that he felt the Stooges were really a jazz band! Well in the case of Union Carbide Productions you not only get two free blowing alto saxophones but some fierce heavy wah - wah playing of Patrik Caganis and Bjorn Olsson; a pounding rythmn section; and gruff vocals from Ebbot Lundberg who also adds a nice touch of piano to some of the tracks. What really separates this group from alot of other bands failed mimickry of the Stooges music is that the band has a great sense of driving rythmn and swagger the legendary band possessed; this is most notable on tracks like "Financial Declaration" and "Cartoon Animal". On a song like "So Long" they keep up with a feverish pace that defies description. The sound is so thick, nasty and beautiful - you gotta hear it! Later on in a song like "Teenage Bankman", the band will orchestrate a psycho drama, punctuated by free blasts of alto sax, illustrating the the suffering of a Wall Streeter. Another favorite of mine is the percolating, sexual tension filled "Down on the Beach" which builds the song with a slow lockstep guitar/bass/ drum riff, vocals are moaned over and over again until reaching a orgasmic crescendo. A GREAT ALBUM! (Of notable interest is the second album by these swedes called "Financially Dissatisfied Philosophically Trying" (Radium 226.05 - Skyclad) - just as good, the songs are more fleshed out).

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