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Richard Harris
The Yard Goes On Forever

Released 1968 on ABC/Dunhill (CD re-issue on Raven)
Reviewed by Daily Nightly, 01/11/2000ce

From the same team that gave the world Mac Arthur Park comes this bizzaro masterpiece. Released in late 1968, this is one of the most surreal,bizzare and ridiculous records ever made. Richard Harris' overdone vocal stylings fit perfectly within these insanse songs all of which were written by Jim Webb. It is a concept album of sorts. All of side one sort of runs together and ties up at the end like a suite. Musically it is an onslaught of over the top arrangements: strings,horns,fuzz guitar,harp,choral backing vocals. Lyrically it is just plain strange. It is like a true surreal suburban landscape circa 1968 America. It is not unlike Scott Walker's blaze of pomp,circumstance and strangness. I never fail to be blown away by this record, for amidst all of the bizzare and ridiculous are some really good songs. "Watermark","Gayla" and "The Hive" to mention a few of the choice moments. Currently available on a Raven cd that also includes the lp "A Tramp Shining".Keep an open mind and both hands on the wheel.

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