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Praying For Oblivion - Turm Schweigen

Praying For Oblivion
Turm Schweigen

Released 2010 on Obscurex
Reviewed by Lawrence, 22/02/2010ce

It has to be said that too few in the Industrial or "Noise" genre are any good. Most are Johnny-come-latelys with a ton of weird effects pedals but no ideas, no real emotion or content to back it up. But these days there are still a few like Slogun, Murderous Vision, Corephallism, or Bereft, that are more like what Throbbing Gristle were trying to do in the 70s. That is, depicting a decaying, no-hope world, coming mostly from the cities, rust-belt ones in particular...

Praying For Oblivion is one of those artists. Hailing from Buffalo, a town more known for a middling arts scene and rotting infrastructure, main man Andrew Seal is now in his thirties and living in Europe, but is very much a product of the town. Many of his tracks are a scream of rage, at a disappearing future for himself as well as his frustration with humanity and its fake sincerity and accomplishment.

This CD is more of a retrospective of tracks scanning almost a decade and a half of machine hum, drone, clatter and scree. Like the other bands I mentioned (and a bit like the latest release from Ramleh) there's no recognizable musical base on any of these tracks. It's like the musical equivalent of an abandoned factory, kind of like an aural skeleton (if you will...) I'm sure most people may not get anything out of fare such as this, but it's there and impossible to ignore. Maybe you could read it as a disturbing vision of the future. At any rate, I hope Seal keeps on with his project, as it would be interesting to see how it develops...

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