Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Never Say Die

Released 1978 on Rhino Remaster 2004
Reviewed by horazio, 02/08/2008ce

The last one feat Ozzy, it marks the return of the band to

harder sound last seen on 'Sabotage'. It's an excersize of

solid heavy metal samples which would dominate the Rock scene

later in the 80's. Look for the burried hatchet of sonic

thunder in the title track, an example of a prime Osbourne

screaming that would earn him many new followers in his solo

career. It also features some excellent Iommi soloing.

"Junior's Eyes" serves as a sample of the subsequent Ozzy, in

addition to a monstrous Bill Ward virtuosity behind the drum

kit which is spread all over the record. "A Hard Road" sees

Tony playing quite darkened licks, something Randy Rhoads

would copy in his work with the frontman. "Shock Wave"

demonstrates the end of the original Sabbath is near. "Air

Dance" is a ballad where the prevailing aura bears Ozzy's

signature with an added instrumental ending.

Overall the mighty rhythm section Butler - Ward is reduced to

a role of skilful sessionmen. Even though the album's title

is quite optimistic naturally it led to the Sabbath's

decline. The closer "Swinging the Chain" is a short comeback

to a glory road marking the last usage of Osbourne's powerful


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