Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

LIVE at Lone Star Cafe, Allentown, PA, 23-06-85

Released 1985 on Bootleg
Reviewed by horazio, 29/04/2008ce

Looking back at this recording from a seat in time gives us an entirely
different perspective than this of the participants. It's part of the
Byrds/Flying Burrito Bros reunion tour along with John York on 12-string guitar plus Daniel Brubeck on Dr at this particular show. Remarkably, no one of the trio's alive today. They mix up material from their bands' output in addition to inevitable Dylan masters. Manuel's presence is felt least with him striking the piano chords at times deafened in the guitar drone. Former Beach Boy Blondie Chaplin on lead guitar does a fabulous cover of Blind Faith - "I Can't Find My Way Home". Danko is in his typical shy mood when introducing titles & buddies. Even though he feels quite happy after the last notes of a 10 min version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" are over at the end. Given the fact all 3 are deceased by now, the classic tune only serves up as a symbolic swan song as if it were a gesture planned years in advance!!

What a significant way of saying farewell to the world!!

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