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RINGO STARR - Liverpool 8

Liverpool 8

Released 2008 on Capitol
Reviewed by horazio, 11/03/2008ce

Apparently, Ringo's still into the first passion of the Beatles - LOVE!
He premiered his new record 'Liverpool 8' /his old Postal code/ on
Letterman almost a month and a half ago. Although, the real thing
happened on Little Steven's show, where the host span 5 genuine tracks from it, while talking to the drummer & his co-producer, the infamous Dave Stewart. The album's, as well as the previous 2, been done the way Starr loves most, live in the studio, just like in the early Beatles days. Steven himself was in awe, exclaiming excitedly here and there, which made Ringo to point jokingly - "You must be in love with me!".

The title track which he did on the Late show, kind of sums Starr's bio
up, and the chorus is: 'Liverpool, I left u, but I never let u down!'. It also includes a choir chanting - "Liverpool! Liverpool!". The only other famous shouting of the port city in rock is on Pink Floyd - "Meddle", /even though they're Londoners/. There's an accompanying video on Amazon where you can see the team plus Liverpool fans chanting. It sounds monumental. "Think About You" is dedicated to wife Barbara Bach.

Ringo revealed, the first time Rory Storm & the Hurricanes played at the Cavern, George Guitar had plugged in in a radio, on his words 'they went electric' at a time when Jazz was still the fashion in the club. So they'd been thrown off!

In fact, Ringo's the only Beatle, who'd continued to sound a lot like the band in his solo output, from "Photograph" to his newest example - "For Love", exploring as similar orchestration as on 'Sgt. Pepper's...'

Go on Ringo, the 60's still resonate in you like they never ended!

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