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GOLDEN EARRING - Bloody Baccaneers

Bloody Baccaneers

Released 1991 on Sony International
Reviewed by horazio, 08/01/2008ce

This is truly one of the best albums of the lousy 90's. It's classes above the
overhyped Oasis output. Both the musical and lyrical part are well-thought and precise. Songwriting is as passionate about love as its brightest examples from the 60's. You wouldn't expect this from aging rockers who got their start in the Beatles era. Hit after hit flow like it's a Stones record from the hippie period, an endless river of emotions - "Temporary Madness", "Going to the Run", "Joe", "When Love Turns to Pain", "Pourin' My Heart Out Again". Unfortunately, neither Rock radio, nor rock buyers caught up with it. Perhaps the Internet era could spark enough interest and acknowledge this fine achievement of George Kooymans and co.

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