Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

The Troggs
The Raver

Released 1970 on Page One
Reviewed by withnell, 17/09/2007ce

'A boy's not a boy
And a man's not a man
Till ee's bin wiv a gurl loike moi Jo-Aaaaaane'

Those are the words.

1. Jew's harp & Ronnie's bass drum.
2. A curling fake raga guitar motif low in mix.
3. Thrashing acoustic rhythm.
4. The Voice proclaiming the above X 2 (harmony on repeat)

Then back to 1. Lather, rinse, repeat.

5. Vocals echo fake raga riff. 2 octaves worth.
6. Root note bass rumbling in to herald the Arrival Of Ron.
7. Here's Ronnie! Playing drums as only he & millions of others can.
8. Get that riff outta here. Fade and die.

And that's the music.
And that, as Greil Marcus said, doesn't touch it.
An astonishing, breathtaking record by one of the great pop groups.
If only there was someone they could Andover the baton to.

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