Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Jegsy Dodd And The Original Sinners
Wake Up And Smell The Offy

Released 2005 on Piffle
Reviewed by The Count, 07/07/2006ce

Bloody hell! Jegsy finally makes another album after nearly 20 years and it's brilliant!

Together with his mate Rob he has assimilated much contemporary music, discarded some of the more dreadful bits and delivered an acid-tongued symposium on exactly what is wrong with this sceptic isle... step forward, "Grumpy Old Men" and the so-truthful-it-hurts "Birkenhead (Revisited"). His pure comedy side has not been neglected either, as attested by "Pete Marsh". And "The Day The World Stopped Working" is as puntastic as can be imagined.

Those who fondly remember The Sons Of Harry Cross may find the musical setting somewhat disconcerting, but trust me, it's an album which rewards repeated listens.

Second only to his contemporary Nigel Blackwell, surely the next poet laureate.

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