Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

O Paradis

Released 2003 on El Circulo Records
Reviewed by Eventyr, 06/09/2005ce

Fate's muses examines men hearts among the sound pictures created by this Catalan project, managed by his owner called Demian. The album is composed of deep and inspired folk atmospheres and warm psychedelic-wave frames. All is beaten and warmed by solemn percussions, which become nearly invisible bridges between reality and magic. 14 deep songs full of refined arrangement, soft reflections, mesmerized effects, fading memories, existence questioning, European scents. Female choirs often lie down on winding keyboards, shade pianos watch pale obelisks, brilliant guitars awaken forces, while oriental bells contaminate old rituals. Sounds not to lose to whom has already in his heart spiritual fortresses by Allerseelen, Thread, Tindersticks, or Sleeping Pictures. Mysticism and esoterism breathing also through the lyrics (which are all in Spanish) and the titles as well. And then we stay so to contemplate hot thoughts on the top of hermetic labyrinths. www.twilight-zone.it

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