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The Avengers
Died For Your Sins

Released 1999 on Lookout!
Reviewed by Le Samourai, 21/07/2000ce

The Avengers were nothing short of a minor miracle. They were one
of the first punk bands on the US West Coast (they’re from San
Francisco.) They were the first on the West Coast to record their
own music and have it distributed. They were The Sex Pistols
opening act for their final concert (in SF) before breaking up
(and supposedly they blew them off the stage.) They were one of
the first US Punk bands with a truly gifted female lead
singer/lyricist, Penelope Houston. Died For Your Sins is the only
collection of Avengers material approved by the band itself (and
compiled by Houston from her own private vaults.) Buy it now.

Why? Well you get their piquant brand of Power Trash Torchjob
riffing along with a lovely bulldozer-esque rhythm section. You
also get an official bootleg live recording detailing the average
joy and pain of their live shows from the late 70’s (funny and
stunning at the same time.) You get a slight Avengers reunion
(Penelope along with guitarist Greg Ingraham and a tight new
rhythm section) re-recording some previously unreleased Avengers
gems. Through it all, you also get Penelope’s searing, articulate

Though not as widely known as later Cali Punk acts, The Avengers
are still a huge influence (especially female led Punk acts
(although I’m not sure about Hole.) Penelope Houston is now on
the ‘Net and for those who want a taste of hidden but powerful US
Punk rebellion should buy Died For Your Sins directly from her at
this address: http://www.penelope.net

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