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The Badgeman - Ritual Landscape

The Badgeman
Ritual Landscape

Released 1992 on Paperhouse Records
Reviewed by cHARLIE, 24/03/2005ce


"No lesser mortal than Julian Cope recently described the Badgeman as the only English band of the early nineties with a rhythm section able to stand up to early Hawkwind and Motorhead, and tagged Ritual Landscape "marvellous" (((Fire Records website)))

TheeeE above bit of Blurb taken from the Fire Records website .... Hmmmmm I thought .... I have had a copy of this (which was given to me by a friend of mine who was the chap who wrote the Lyrics and played the bass and synths ...Simon Wigglesworth …wiggy fer short) lurking in my cd collection for what must be over 10 years now and for what ever reason I never gave it a proper listen… Until today...and I have to agree with the above cope statement !

What a blinding rhythm section indeed!… Although the vocals are a little weak in places which kind of works strangely and was a vocal style ( Neale Hancock) of its time ....the whole album takes the listener on a semi~postmodern neolithic journey into the Wiltshire landscape perceived from a speeding car window while being charged up on teenage amphetamine and wrath !
(My take on it sorry Wiggy )
The combination of deep floor tom drumming (Tim Kerley) and thumping bass (Wiggy) is to be felt first before reaching the inner ear throughout this whole album .
Track 1 the *Grey area* …starts with a Pete Townshend-ish guitar (John Packwood) build up leading into a semi phased Jungle beat....
... the pedal is now on the metal and the car hit’s a 120 miles an hour wHOoOsH…through the ritual landscape of Wiltshire!
*Liturgy* Track 2 takes the listener like a red hot forewarning to a thumping helter-skelter ride up and down those primal hills of deliberation.

Moving onto Track 3 *Black song* which slows the car down into a 50 mile an hour scrutiny of gruesome dead bunnies by the dirty road side.
Track 4 *Seethe Shanty* which is one of my favourite tracks on the album . The opening line:
“ I tread the water while you tread on me”
reminded me of a pissed up young man sticking his [Vs] up to his bitchy girlfriend who don’t luv him no more. A drunken pandemonium takes place which leads to the young man pilfering a fast car, just to really piss the bitch off for good ! Wicked lead and bass guitars and as tight as a nuts arse too. CooL!
Track 5 *Auto Da Fe* reminds me a little of Cope’s immense song *Laughing Boy* (U~Know!) …which is no bad ting!
Track 7 *Swarm* ….builds into a backward reverse Version of itself called *Drone* which is in-fact Track 8? Very psychedelic faT and Full.

Moving on swiftly to Track 9 *Magic Bullet*…. A twisted mother of a toon with Jungle drums chiseled and shaped with mangled guitars
Track 10 *Crop Cycle* Once again I can hear CopiAn *Hanging Man* seeping through the melody …. BUT THIS IS GOOD AND MAKES ME GURN AND SMILE.
I can also bring in the *13 Floor Elevators* too…which Julian surely must have Dug and fuck it sooooooooo do I!!!

*Drought* Track 11 brings the car to a lay-by for a thoughtful piss against a bush.
Track 12 *Andagain* … is kind of like early Suzy banshee when Robert Smith played guitar for them but an Elvis vocal bringing the album to a Rawk ‘n‘ roLL END!

Nice one Wiggy Ta!

(((YaLi …ChArLiE 2 SUM))) March 2005 CE
P.s.....sorry about crappy photo of album cover I couldn't find any online artwork of this fine album!?

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