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Future Games

Released 1977 on Polygram
Reviewed by Squid Tempest, 15/07/2000ce

By far the most psychedelic of many wonderful Spirit albums. A bizarre cut up of bits of Star Trek, old radio shows and other weird bits, with some wonderful Spirit songs on too. The late Randy California wrote this album off in his later years as being too weird, but to me it stands head and shoulders above most of their other stuff. The cut ups on this album pre-date modern sampling techniques by some years. Ignore the crass cover, this is one to lie down and get smashed to ASAP. Includes delights such as a splendid version of All Along the Watchtower, a couple of tracks co-written with Kim Fowley (Buried in my Brain and Bionic Unit) and much more. I've been a big Spirit fan for many years, and this album still stands out as being the most innovative. Listen out for the strange voice of "Jack Bond" (who he?) scattered throughout. Other recommended albums :
Spirit of 76 (now mostly re-released as Spirit : the Mercury Years - why couldn't they release it in it's original form?)
12 Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus.
Beware the re-issues of their early stuff, and some of the stuff Randy did in his last years, most of which is not up to the standard of these releases. To quote, I have an eerie feeling this thing knows what we're saying...

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