Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Guerilla Grow

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Here’s another new Dope release for June 28th, a CD album this time, coming hot on the heels of April 2017’s maxi-12” and May 2017’s cassette-only album. Nothing is repeated from earlier releases, herein are three brazen new grooves beset (as usual) by injunctions of sound FX, hobbling samples and querulous uneasiness from the synthesizer dept.

The three tracks are: 1) Chillum Ceremonìe, 2) Moses Cotsworth Rouses the Villagers of Avebury, and 3) Dabs.

Oh, and dig that snazzy hi-gloss packaging unfolding before your very eyes, replete with Hebbs’ near rave rendition of William Blake’s deathmask.

  1. Chillum Ceremonìe
  2. Moses Cotsworth Rouses the Villagers of Avebury
  3. Dabs