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Luke Haines
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Robot Emperor
Robot Emperor
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Edited Oct 04, 2017, 22:26
Re: Luke Haines
Oct 03, 2017, 12:50
After Murder Park by a country mile. Not because the others are bad; just not as good. Favourite Steve Albini production as well. The cultural cringer in me appreciated the nice things Mr Albini had to say about Mr Haines afterwards.

A friend of mine compared Luke Haines to a contemporary version of Ian Anderson - which I thought borderline insane at the time but I now think he had a point - not overly concerned with being liked, rules musicians with an iron fist, the wordiness, albums that give the impression of being damned close to concept albums,albums that are concept albums, spiky skewed little songs...

Listening to loads of MF Doom/Madvillain at the mo, to go completely off point. Very good. Get a load of this Afro-Futurist fans -


Sorry, don't get much time to post. So on the rare occasions I have anything to say it all comes out at once.

Bollocks - Solo records (although I don't think it makes much difference in this case). Baader Meinhoff then. Listened to it a little too often back in the day to appreciate it now.

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