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Jun 14, 2017, 15:51
I remember when TSOL's release of "Beneath the Shadows" and move to a more melodic/synth-driven sound deeply upset some of their punk followers. I also recall not much liking the album when I bought it, having some of the same disappointment.

However, with my growing interest in judicious use of synthesizers (largely via Cope's implementations), I decided to revisit that era, and found this performance which I really love:


They synths are at times barely audible, and not super relevant, but I love this snapshot in history. The audience is witnessing something pretty great - this really is a remarkable bit of music unlike anything previously heard - and doesn't really know how to respond. It, to me, has held up to the test of time pretty well and perhaps required a couple decades of incubation. I'd love to attend that show right now!
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Jun 18, 2017, 02:07
I dig that era of TSOL too. Not much when I was really young and just into punk rock, but when I got older and more evolved in my taste - getting into psych music and the light... opening up my mind. There are scenes in "Suburbia" with the keyboard player too.
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