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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 05, 2017, 13:46
Iron Maiden - Book of Souls saw them in Newcatle a couple of weeks ago, they were on fire, absolutely stormed the Metro Arena, only dissapointment was they didn't play Empire of the Clouds so I've had that on repeat since

Velvet Underground - & Nico, White Light/White Heat saw the John Cale VU thing in Liverpool which I enjoyed immensely, the press didn't seem so keen and supposedly the sound was bad but from where I was standing it was spot on. Not as goose bump inducing as when I saw the Stooges but a good go , the guy from SFA doing Lady Godiva's Operation and a half hour finale of Sister Ray were my highlights and I got the impression that 90% of the audience have been programming there cd players to switch off after Heroin or never got to the end of the albums B side but all in all it was a sterling effort [did you see what I did there, I apologise]

Depeche Mode - The new one, the one before that, the one that has purple on the cover, the one with the flower on the front. I've had these played constantly by Mrs Elf as we went to see DM on Saturday, my brother in law is a huge DM fan and Mrs Elf is quite keen, I can take or leave them , although I've become rather fond of the new one, much better than the flowers on the front which I'm reliably informed is their best. Live however they are outstanding, Dave Gahan is the new Freddy Mercury as far as I'm concerned, not unlike post DSOTM Floyd they wrie songs which are designed to be played in Stadiums, even i was dancing about like a loon singing [bellowing tunelessly] 'the train is coming' during 'Where's the Revolution'. Not quite up the with Springsteen in 85 but they made the London Stadium seem like a Basildon night club, they encored with a cover of 'Heroes' which just added to the fun, I'm now a DM convert

Bowie - Heroes dug it out after my DM experience, where does this stand in the Bowie canon now, has it had a Ziggy Style relegation to not as good as we thought it was? I hope not as it's a gem, not as good as TMWSTW or Station but just behind, and 'Secret Life of Arabia' is a song which I've often felt spoilt the end of the LP but just clicked this time around

SunnO)))-Monoliths & Dimensions, Kannon a suitable counterpoint to last weeks sunshine

BTO-Live In Japan because Taking Care of Business is my new favourite song

other gaps have been filled by a D/L of the FLoyd massive box thing, an awful lot of John Latham pts 1-whatever and I'm not overly impressed with the early stuff, I need to work out if I really want a bunch of DVDs I'll hardly ever watch to get the tracks I'll really listen to, that old question of do I really need 3 versions of Echoes/Atom Heart Mother or should I get the new PigsX7 LP , first world problems eh!

Klaus Schulze - Cyborg, Irrlicht I used to have a bunch of Klaus Schulze tapes which have long wowed and fluttered their way to the tape graveyard but I've been replacing them with the MIG reissues and absolutely loving them
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