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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
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Edited Jun 04, 2017, 08:42
Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 03:33
The Durutti Column - Treatise On The Steppenwolf (Soundtrack)

The Durutti Column - Sunlight To Blue...Blue To Blackness

The Durutti Column - Love in the Time of Recession

V.A. - Mama Let Me Lay It On You 1926-1936

J.S. Bach - Die Konzerte Für 2 Cembali

James - Stutter

Tuu - All Our Ancestors

Wire - Chairs Missing

Alio Die - Incantamento

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - Tibetan Bells III The Empty Mirror

Richie Allen and The Pacific Surfers - The Rising Surf

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Modern Lovers 88

V.A. - Favorite Country Blues Guitar-Piano Duets 1929-1937

Sensation’s Fix - Fragments of Light

Shack - H.M.S. Fable

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown

Bunny Wailer - Rock ’n’ Groove

Tangerine Dream - Hyperborea

Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 07:34
Iron Maiden - Live After Death
Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time (For some reason I listen to this one the least of the 'classic era' but it is such a fine album, I really should put it on more)

The Bevis Frond - Any Gas Faster (I was in FOPP in London last weekend and decided to pick this up on vinyl for £12 having heard nothing by the band previously. Only spun it a couple of times so far but I like what I am hearing)

Spacemen 3 - Sound Of Confusion (Great to hear this on vinyl)

The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!

The Beatles - Rubber Soul
The Beatles - White Album (Picked this up yesterday, must be the first time I have listened to it in about 10-15 years. Man I just love The Beatles)

Saint Vitus - Die Healing
Saint Vitus - Born Too Late

Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Big Moon Ritual

Current 93/OM - inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun split 10"
Om - Conference Of Birds (Still my favourite Om album, I hope they are doing another soon!)

CSNY - Deja Vu
Pink Floyd - Meddle
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 09:11
The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Super Deluxe Edition)
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Pink Floyd - More

Fresh Maggots - Fresh Maggots

Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail
Genesis - Wind & Wuthering

Can - Ege Bamyasi
Can - Future Days

Chris Isaak - San Francisco Days
Chris Isaak - Forever Blue

Heaven 17 - The Luxury Gap
Heaven 17 - How Men Are

Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4
Ashra - Walkin' The Desert

Amon Düül II - Wolf City
Amon Düül II - Utopia

Moebius & Plank - Rastakrautpasta

The Apples In Stereo - Travellers In Space & Time

Fleetwood Mac - Mystery To Me

Marc Fry - Dreaming With Alice

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Fitter Stoke
Fitter Stoke
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 09:28
The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'
The Band 'The Band'
Paul Weller 'More Modern Classics'
Anvil 'Plugged In Permanent'
Deep Purple 'InFinite'
Vair 'A Place In Time'
Bill Frisell 'Lookout For Hope'
Chris Potter 'The Dreamer Is The Dream'
Wolfgang Muthspiel 'Rising Grace'
Liszt: Faust Symphony (Istvan Lajko)
Sibelius: Symphony no.6 (VPO/Lorin Maazel)
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Edited Jun 04, 2017, 11:29
Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 11:28
The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe OST

The Beatles - Sgt Peppers (50th Anniversary 2 cd) / Yellow Submarine Songtrack

Beau Brummels - Triangle / Bradley's Barn

Beck - Mutations / Guero

David Bowie - Early On (1964-66) / Looking For A Little Romance (Tokyo 12/12/78) / Lodger

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abatoir Blues/ The Lyre Of Orpheus

The Cure - The Top

Miles Davis - It's About That Time: Fillmore East March 7, 1970 / Paul's Mall, Boston September 1972

Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets

The Flaming Lips - The Terror / With A Little Help From My Fwends

Gandalf - S/t / Gandalf 2

Genesis (US Psych) - In The Beginning

Peter Hammill - Fool's Mate / Chameleon In The Shadow Of Night / The Silent Corner & The Empty Stage

John Lennon - John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band

John Martyn - London Conversation

Charles Mingus - Tijuana Moods / Live In Paris (1964)

Joni Mitchell - Clouds / Song To A Seagull

Yoko Ono - Yoko Ono/ Plastic Ono Band

Os Mutantes - Mutantes

Van Dyke Parks - Songs Cycled

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - For Children Of All Ages

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Music From The Penguin Cafe

Pink Floyd - Ummagumma / Atom Heart Mother

Pretty Things - SF Sorrow

Procol Harum - S/t

Radiohead - Amnesiac / In Rainbows

The Ramones - Hey Ho Let's Go

Tom Rapp/ Pearls Before Swine - City Of Gold / ... Beautiful Lies You Could Live In

David Sylvian - Dead Bees On A Cake

Jane Weaver - Modern Kosmology

Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy (Original Capital Orchestral Edit) / We're Only In It For The Money (original mono mix)

The Zombies - Odessey & Oracle

The Amorphous Androgynous: Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol 2 - Pagan Love Vibrations
keith a
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 21:28
Dubbing It Studio 1 Style – The Aggrovators

Pollinator – Blondie

Animal Magic – Blow Monkeys
Five In The Afternoon – Dr Robert & PP Arnold

Beneath Discordant Skies – Blurt

The Final Cuts – Marc Bolan & T.Rex

Hours – David Bowie
Jump They Say (CDS) – David Bowie

The Milk Of Human Kindness – Caribou
Odessa – Caribou

You Want It Darker – Leonard Cohen

17 Seconds – The Cure
Disintegration – The Cure

Miracle Kicker – Dark Captain Light Captain
Remix EP - Dark Captain Light Captain

Silver Eye – Goldfrapp

Damage & Joy – JAMC

La Dusseldorf - La Dusseldorf
Viva - La Dusseldorf
Individuellos – La Dusseldorf

Gargoyle – Mark Lanegan Band

Dark Matter/Dark Energy – Membranes

Play - Moby

Occult Architecture I – Moon Duo
Occult Architecture II – Moon Duo

Revolution Dub – Lee Perry

The Thorn EP – Siouxsie & the Banshees

Musique Originale Du Film Donne-moi La Main – Tarwater

Modern Kosmology – Jane Weaver

Pan – White Manna

The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years - Wild Swans

Pacific Ocean Blue – Dennis Wilson

Snakedrill EP – Wire
Manscape – Wire

Giant – The Woodentops
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Edited Jun 04, 2017, 21:41
Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 21:41
Half-term, so not much...

Spaceship – A Prospect Of Loughton Brook. This is a proper deep listening experience, sound-processed field recordings of a stream’s journey through Epping Forest, augmented by simple piano and synth. Reminded me a bit of Jon Brooks’ excellent Autres Directions, which similarly uses environmental sounds as the basis for its tracks, but this is rawer and stranger: http://forged-river.com/album/a-prospect-of-loughton-brook

Woods – Love Is Love

Wire – Pink Flag. A band I’ve never really got to grips with or even listened to properly, despite having various things by them. Funny album this, sounds like it’s coming from a minimal art rock background, while already parodying the 1-2-3-4 ramalama of the Ramones. Some of the tracks are basic youth club thrash, but then you get something urgent and weird like ‘Reuters’ or the brilliant condensed funk of ‘Lowdown’, probably my favourite Wire track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6Ytde6tmkQ (BTW, does it remind anybody else of ‘Another Brick In The Wall’?)

Golem – Orion Awakes
Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 22:33
Alice Coltrane - The Ecstatic Music of...
This is gorgeous, but not quite what I was expecting. I need to spend more time with it I think.

Cat Stevens - Foreigner
Thanks to Moth for reminding me of this.

Thin Lizzy - Black Rose

Peter Gabriel - 2
For some reason I've always gone for 1 or 3, and neglected this one. I'm making up for lost time with it!


Electric Moon - Stardust Rituals
Can't stop playing this, it's tremendous.

Cobra Family Picnic - Magnetic Anomaly
Another cracker from Cardinal Fuzz. Absolutely top slab of psych.

Steely Dan - Katy Lied

White Hills - Stop Mute Defeat
Wow! This is a bit of a suprise, and a good one at that. White Hills have found a new thing for their sound - more electronic, without losing their heavy guitar sound.

Vert:X - From Now To Now
Sublime spacerocking album, and a lovely marbled green vinyl too!
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 22:43
Richard Dawson - Peasant. Getting some good reviews e.g. Guardian, Quietus. Well deserved, it's original, interesting, challenging and with great tunes too. Heads up to the producer Sam Grant who has produced a lot of good Newcastle underground music recently - Blown Out, Bong and Pigs Pigs Pigs (he's guitarist for the latter).

Hey Colossus - The Guillotine. Really good, heavy post-punk/metal 3 guitar attack. With great riffs and some more melodic quieter moments. Nik Turner blasts some alto sax on one of the tracks.

GAS - Narkopop. Excellent new album from Wolfgang Voigt, revisiting his 90s early 00s GAS project. Deep forest orchestral techno!

Been listening these last couple of weeks to the last few Faust albums (bought on download) - this year's Fresh Air, Just Us and Something Dirty. Really enjoying them.

Teleplasmiste - Frequency is the New Ecstasy. Really good dark ambient album from Mark Pilkington and Michael York. The sticker talks of a lineage of Tangerine Dream through to Coil and that's about right. You could probably add Slomo to that as well. I prefer Slomo's Transits from earlier this year but the two are rather marvellous I think.

I'm sure I listened to a few things from the archive but can't remember past more great 2017 music!
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 3 June 2017 CE
Jun 04, 2017, 22:52
Main replays this week were Cabaret Voltaire The Covenant, The Sword & The Arm of the Lord (1985) and The Drain Train (1986). The first one from the mid-80s Virgin period, sharply tooled electro that misses the creeping dread of their early stuff but is still decent. A bit overlong but I can live with that. The second, an EP from 1986, is less compelling and prefaces their flirtation with pop on Parlophone. Okay but hardly essential listening.


Prince Buster - King Of Ska
Bob Dylan - Another Side Of...
Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changing
The Kinks - Kinks
Simon & Garfunkel - Wednesday Morning, 3am
The Who - My Generation

Wire - "Dot Dash" 7"

New Order - Movement
New Order - "Temptation" 12"
Billy Bragg - Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy
The Cure - "The Walk" 12"
New Order - "Blue Monday" 12"
New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies
Billy Bragg - Brewing Up With ...
Billy Bragg - "Between The Wars" EP
The The - Infected

Manic Street Preachers - New Art Riot EP
Manic Street Preachers - Forever Delayed

Manic Street Preachers - Journal For Plague Lovers

Slowdive - Slowdive
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