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R.I.P Christophe F.
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Annexus Quam
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Re: R.I.P Christophe F.
Sep 28, 2015, 17:54
Thanks a lot for posting that Mr Q. I just saw this thread again and thought it was curious to see his name here again so many months after his death. And it is quite moving to hear that track again after so many years.

It was I who, one day, after being so moved by one piece called We Are In Revolt, recorded the vocals read out in a 'deliberately slowed-down robotic poet-is-priest' fashion (my description). Much later, Christophe heard a few things I had sent him to be used freely, this one among them, and he turned it into an ominous piece. Of all the stuff he did, I do not even know whatever happened to this or whether I even bothered to keep the recordings due to my being almost-constantly itinerant at the time.

By the way, 'We Are In Revolt' itself is an amazing piece that was written by the great Merrick who, when I asked him for permission to use it in various ways back in the day, obviously agreed 'as long as it was for a good use'. I always thought back then that the piece should be printed and distributed among schools all over the world ;-) . But that of course never happened and I was happy to keep my own *We Are In Revolt* manifesto sheet posted on my kitchen wall for future reference.

Recently I got in touch with one of Chistophe's best friends, Daniel Renne (to whom Christophe dedicated Heathen Frontiers In Sound) and, after discussing endlessly about our meetings with him, his persona, his old band and his late influence, I never even remembered to mention this to him. So your post comes at the right time.

Surely someone like Fried X should dig deeper into Christophe's very extensive back catalogue.

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