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your most hatred bands / singers / musicians albums you can't stand ?
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: your most hatred bands / singers / musicians albums you can't stand ?
Oct 04, 2014, 13:32
dave clarkson wrote:
Pretty much all of what people term modern indie rock - i.e. Corporate indie music . Bands featured on NME front covers since Brit pop.
This is an age thing for me which is why I don't really hate it but rather just think it's in the main too simple and boring.
I can't relate to modern rock music. Younger people are generally less likely to have their heads full of musical theory and debates and to follow more esoteric or rebellious music in numbers like many of us did in the social climate back in the day.
I'd probably be more inclined to buy a Rod Stewart 70s album than a Foo Fighters record.

Pet hates in the way of irritating - then would have to include Van Morrison, U2 and any band inclined to influence packs of beer swilling wankers to congregate to shout their lyrics out - example being Kaiser Chiefs. In fact any group likely to pull a big crowd as I don't like crowds of people and herd mentality anyway!

First, I do fucking hate this landfill shit that's STILL benighting our earwaves. It's made any moderately big festival almost unattendable for me. I thought people were over this stuff? I never hear anyone talking about indie musiks, and yet the festivals are packed to the gills full of these indie bands of yesteryear (with that year being about...2002?).

Don't agree with that bit about young people, though. Sure, there's always a contingent into muzaky buskery singer/songwriters or bleery blokey bollocks, but it's utterly undeniable that another portion of the youts are doing a ton've spelunking into arcana because of the internets. I'm sure the latter is a much higher percentage than it used to be.
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