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your most hatred bands / singers / musicians albums you can't stand ?
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Re: Um...
Oct 04, 2014, 11:52
spencer wrote:
...an entire musical (?) genre, and those that produce it - I'm not sure what actual playing's involved or its just sampling. I don't even know its name. I like drum and bass sometimes, but perhaps its a variant of it... I only hear it coming from cars, at extreme vibrating volume. No drum, just a bass note. Often the same one over and over. T h r o b. Pause. T h r o b. Pause. Cont. Occupants must be deafened. The twats who tear up my local Morrisons car park at night play it. I fucking hate it. And them. It's......nothing.

Probably Dubstep, but you'll be pleased to know it's day is done and it's on the wane it seems. https://illmethodology.com/2014/08/beatport-sales-chart-dubstep-is-dead/ The reality is though that people are releasing.. um.. variants.. of dubstep and giving it new names. The cycle repeats. A lot of deep house has dubstep motifs these days. Dubstep came from UK Garage (which has absolutely no relation to NY Garage), and UK garage had a lot of influences, particularly from deep house. This is just my analysis though.

Early Dubstep has very little relationship to more recent dubstep anyroad. The same split, unfamiliarity, is true of early/recent forms of all dance genres though. Except for Drum n Bass and Dub Techno (and probably others) that are set in amber and show no signs of breaking new ground really. If they did, they'd be given another name. Much like how some UK Garage in 2006-07 got name Dubstep.

All that said, maybe what you're hearing is Grime, and that's something else again (though has strong roots in UK Garage as well as Rap/hip Hop).
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