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In His Cups
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Re: In His Cups
Jul 03, 2014, 21:44
Mantid wrote:
I've been trying to decipher the lyrics to "In His Cups" and could use some crowdsourcing... not sure if some of the missing stuff are colloquialisms I don't get, or references to some copey esoterica I don't connect with, or... Anyway, if anyone would like to give it a listen and help me fill in the blanks or correct what I have, much appreciated!

Here's my stab, some of which I had to do by slowing the tempo in Audacity. If anyone has a better wear to hear vocals more clearly, I would love to hear it. I am still stumped by several lines in Roswell, also.


In His Cups
Julian Cope, from Revolutionay Suicide

One time when i stood crazy on the brink of life
With a bible in my hand
I set [][][] against my wife
I went in quicksand
Horizons they [][] the map infinity
Diminished me as i
Was estranged from the very heart that i possessed
I curled up and died

I said i am not free
And this world is killing me
Yes, I am not free
Perhaps I'm meant to be forgot

A strange sound [][][] when i walked
And so i walked and walked
Inside dialogues sprung up with myself; I felt me talk
And so I talked and talked

I sang, "I am not free
And this world is killing me
Yes, I am not free
Perhaps I'm meant to be forgot"

Walked out in summers everyday
Winters everyday
[][][] like a train at the station pulling off
Became my mystical self, my other self
Became knowledgable about myself
Looked around
Sucked up the juice, sucked up the juice, sucked up the juice of it
Cold like the [sack of rounds]
I was torn and then I [][][][]
They sang them wrong, I cuffed them round the ears
I said "[]free men [][] rhymes"
They sung "I am not free
And this world is killing me
I am not free
Perhaps I'm meant to be forgot"

And people say it
I am not free
All around me
Thought is killing me
[dull as dry men]
I am not free
But I wouldn't join in
I was not meant to be forgot

So [][][][]
Call me double-o size but rising
Like Basketball Jones
Lionel-size but rising
Dinky Toy size every day rising
Growing higher and higher
Coming out of the mire, the mire
And burning in the fire
Burning in the fire

I sang pronounce my name right
I sang pronounce my everything right
I could be higher and higher
Love know [limits knowledge] gnostic odysseys
They are what we will be
They are what we will be

Bernard Cribbins needs to be in there somewhere. The missing bit before Double O size in the Basketball Jones verse me thinks off the top of my head.

And actually it may be Hornby Double O size. I'm probably not helping here as I've not listened to it for a while and can't at the moment!!

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