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Julian cancels Belfast show - extremely disappointing reason given
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Julian cancels Belfast show - extremely disappointing reason given
Dec 23, 2013, 16:02
Julian has cancelled his January 'Out to Lunch Festival' Belfast show. The reason in the cancellation email I've just received was:

'It is with regret that I feel obliged to cancel my forthcoming Belfast show of January 16th due to the current security situation there and the logistics involved.
I'm very sorry about this.'

I have to say I'm hugely disappointed that Julian has made this decision. We don't let fuckwits who plant bombs or set themselves on fire by mistake (honestly, these people are idiots) stop us from going about our daily lives (that includes going to gigs). The bomb that went off a couple of weekends ago happened a few hundred yards from where I was having a pint. We heard that no-one was hurt, we kept on drinking. That's what we do. LIFE GOES ON. It has to or these fuckers win.

It doesn't help when the Guardian publishes headlines like 'Bomb explosion in Belfast as Christmas revellers evacuated from city centre' (that's the actual headline - what are you picturing in your head?) when the truth was that a couple of streets in the small Cathedral Quarter area were evacuated after the device partially exploded. The device that was described as being as loud as a firecracker. Yes, someone could have got hurt but thankfully no-one did. Look at this guy out for his work do eating his dinner on the street: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXT4r2zsk9U. How scared does he look? Julian is more scared than this guy.

I have lost some respect for the great man as a result of his (it appears) ill-informed decision. He should have said it clashed with his book launch. Revolutionary my ass.
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