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Doug Snyder The Daily Dance
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Doug Snyder The Daily Dance
May 07, 2011, 00:01
static video unfortunately but 5 minutes from the edges of music. 2 Velvets/Stooges/Free-jazz fans in a kitchen in '72.
Just got the annual Ugly-Things copy which reviews the lp as released last year on cd.
Going dead cheap on Amazon.com marketplace from Jade hubertz whose name I know but can't place. Probably sticking foot in mouth if they're somebody I've had previous contact with.

So guitar exploration plus free-jazz drums. Sounds like a good thing to me. Do wish I could do it muyself
621 posts

Re: Doug Snyder The Daily Dance
May 07, 2011, 16:22
Great album, way ahead of it's time. I emailed Doug last year about how the Stooges influenced the making of this album. Here's what he had to say:

"I drove from Cincinnati (where I was a university student) up to Detroit (about a four-hour drive) to see the MC5 (be sure and buy their three albums) record their live album (their first album) at the Grande Ballroom. That was in October of 1968. Their "little brother band," The Psychedelic Stooges, opened — although they came on later (!). The Stooges didn't have an album out, yet, and I hadn't heard them before, so I didn't know the music (as you may know, when Elektra signed the MC5, they also signed The Stooges). But I liked it. It was big and simple — and I had never heard anything quite like it. Plus, their singer was out in the audience, with a Ballroom bench on his back, intimidating the audience.

It was probably the summer of '69 when I saw The Stooges (+ MC5, Chuck Berry, Sun Ra, etc.) at the Detroit Rock 'n' Roll Revival — at an outdoor stadium. I don't recall if their first LP was out yet, but "I Wanna Be Your Dog" was in their set.

The third and last time I saw the band was at the Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati. Their first album was definitely out at that time, but they played material from Fun House, and featured their sax player. I remembered that Iggy scared my girlfriend when he came out in the audience.

So, yeah, I've been a big Stooges fan all along. The piece from Daily Dance that's most Stooge-like is "Teenage Emergency." It starts off with a big, simple riff.

I know that the four-CD set you're talking about is the only thing out there to feature the band with both Ron Asheton and James Williamson on guitars. Sounds interesting, but I've had my fill of Stooges audience recordings (plus, it's expensive). An audience recording I have been listening to, lately, is Sonics Rendezvous Band at the Masonic Auditorium. That turned me onto Scott Morgan — who I should have known about all along. I bought his CD with The Solution.

My audience recording of the Velvets is the only one I've been involved with. It's out there on numerous bootlegs (mine is called Move Back), and a bit of it is on the official Velvet Underground box set. A producer at Universal got in contact with me about ten years ago, and wanted to follow-up The Quine Tapes with the Valleydale Tape. But, I guess Lou Reed said "No more live recordings!" Maybe someone will do the right thing in years to come.

I always lumped The Stooges and the Velvets together as my favorite bands. Then I noticed that other people made that connection, too. So, anyway, I love those bands, and I snapped-up the new Raw Power reissue — though I never saw that band line-up. Bands who have become favorites, were bands I seemed to like right away (Stones, Velvets, Stooges, etc.). Daily Dance takes what Bob and I learned from those bands, and added things we liked from the free jazz scene. We still play together, and in fact, played yesterday!

Hope this goes toward answering your questions.

Greetings from America!

Doug Snyder
Daily Dance
Yellow Springs, Ohio"
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