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SLAB! Peel Session
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SLAB! Peel Session
Apr 24, 2011, 08:36
Someone from these parts [think it was Monganaut] sent me a SLAB! link a while back,damn good it was too, so this is a return favour, came across this on another site

Now, here's a wee gem i had been looking through my boxes of tapes forever & i finally came across it the other week...SLAB from the UK, with their 2nd John Peel session from April 1988. Think early Godflesh,Flipper & early Swans,but with the occasional strangely out-of-place funk bassplaying..makes it even more unnerving. This is a VERY rare recording that no one seems to have (left),not even the members of Slab. So here it is ,in all it's full gringing glory (Including comments from Mister Peel himself):

http://www.mediafire.com/?kw4r8pks3wtg5bj (4 tracks, all titled, 45mb)


Here's a rare rip (straight of the radion in FM, including John Peels commentary) of No Means No first John Peels session from the 25th of May 1988. Great quality & an incredible tight performence by the band:

http://www.mediafire.com/?isbrx51p2y1xnk5 (4 tracks, all titled, 48mb)

& a Voivod 87 soundboard, dunno if anyone else likes Voivod but I do

Voivod (Can). live @ Zaal "De Kriekelaar", Schaarbeek,Brussels.Belgium. 28th of November 1987 (During European tour with Kreator)


all from here


the uploads section is spot on but you have to enlist in the Corps of Doom or whatever to view it

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