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Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
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Re: Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
Mar 22, 2011, 10:39
IanB wrote:
machineryelf wrote:
IanB wrote:
machineryelf wrote:
IanB wrote:

"Play Me Out" is Hughes in Stevie Wonder mode. It doesn't rock in a Purple sense but it does bring the fonk in parts. Really good blue eyed soul album with nads on. Like a rocked up Noel Mccalla / Moon(spelling?). I was already a big Motown fan at that time so I was not too phased when it came out on import but it's not "Come Taste The Band".

Trapeze are a bit over-rated overall but "Medusa" is a really good record and bits of "You Are The Music" ditto. Though by then they sound more like SNAFU than Purple.

Not overly keen on Stevie Wonder so I can avoid that, and I have always worked on the principle if I didn't hear it in 77-78 when I cared it probably wouldn't be worth hearing now so that's Trapeze sorted

Snafu, another great Roger Dean cover ruined by tedious pub rock IIRC, going to google it to find out which one, thank god Dean published Views, at least I was spared Babe Ruth.

I wasn't :-(

Bloody hell they were awful, just been wiki/you tubing various pre punk 2nd division rock bands, seemingly the entire brit scene 1970-75 was only there to provide band members for future Deep Purple/Uriah Heep/Bad Co solo projects

Lone Star and Nutz were quite good. Saw the later supporting the Sabs a couple of times and then again headlining a couple of club shows in London. Most Purple-like of the second div acts. Lone Star were more influenced by HotH era LZ. I also had a big soft spot for Dirty Tricks who were to Free what Wire were to the Magic Band. Or something. Oh and Becket who made one v good OGWT appearance and a half decent album. They ended up supplying the lead singer to Kossoff's Back Street Crawler.

Lone Star were excellent, even if John Sloman was a Plant clone to the nth degree, Nutz had something too,still have a couple of their LPs , one of which has a 'What Is And What Should Never Be' rip off so blatant it's really quite amusing, not sure where the Heavy Metal Kids fall, first division relegation or more likely 2nd division promotion hopefuls, they did manage to avoid aping Zep & Purple more than many bands at the time
Quartz were top notch live, but they never delivered on record IMHO, even the Quartz live album showed a liberal amount of plod
You could obviously make a decent living back then from touring the small clubs,where else did all those 4th on the bill acts in the music paper ads come from.
Punk had pretty much killed trad rock by the time I got around to gig going but people were still in awe of gigs by George Hatcher,Chris Spedding, Crawler and Bethnal[none of whom made any records worth listening to more than once IMHO] and AC/DC were still playing clubs to folk as interested in drinking as the music. I suppose if ten people in the crowd of every club they played enjoyed SNAFU enough to buy a record then it was enough to keep them going.
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