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Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
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Edited Mar 21, 2011, 15:27
Re: Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
Mar 21, 2011, 15:04
IanB wrote:
machineryelf wrote:
The Who – Sell Out
Can – Ege Bamyasi never really rated this, was quite surprised at all the praise this got a couple of weeks back, still strikes me as a lesser part of the can canon

Very true. Every time I think "oh, Ive been ignoring this one" I go back and find out why. Medicore by their standards.

machineryelf wrote:
Late entry Mahavishnu Orchestra - Apocalypse I loathe all that Mahavishnu speedy jazz wank, and when someone pointed out they liked this on face I was fully prepared to pour scorn, but on listening I found that George Martin had sprinkled magic fairy dust on this , reigned in the faster than thou stuff and actually made a decent album, checked out the Emerald follow up, back to the jazzwank, still proof along with Gong Floating Anarchy that even the vilest of musicians have a decent record in them somewhere [except Paul Weller]

Wont hear a word against Apocalypse. Glad you like it a bit. It's gorgeous. Jazzwank is all in the ears of the beholder. I know some people who think Bolin is total jazzwank and "Play Me Out" too. Which is self-defeating madness to me.

BTW the Steve Vai's shows with Zappa Plays Zappa were really good and evidence for the defence but I agree on "Eat 'Em" though I like "Skyscraper" too, especially for his acoustic playing.

Skyscraper is on top of the listen to pile, for all his faults DLR has been responsible for some damn fine R n R in these two and a couple of VH albums and one of the best rock biogs ever.

Not overly keen on Zappa I haven't heard Vai's playing on them, but like many guitarists he seems to work better when he is given a job to do rather than trying to prove how wonderful he is

Don't think Bolin or Hughes ever get close to McCaughlin for virtuoso buffoonery, each to his own ,jazz does seem to be the default setting to progress to after rock, but I think Bolin usually erred to the tasteful side rather than the as many notes in as many different keys/time sigs in the shortest time possible camp, I know lots of folk think Mahavishnu is the dogs nads but beyond admiration for the technical ability involved it does nothing for me, Fripp for example makes an equally absurd racket but I feel something when he does it[ though some times it is 'I really must listen to Court after this']. I know this is probably a skewed outlook but the thing Apocalypse reminded me of most was the Aphex Twin, I suspect I'm listening to the orchestral bit with a bit of jazzy skittering in the background to stop it getting to AOR, whereas most folk listen to it going 'OOH Johnny C he doth rock most jazzily Huzzah, and that nice Mr Martin is providing some nice strings n stuff, what a good chap'As long as I regard it as a george Martin album with a bit of Mahavishnu I'm OK.

btw had to google play me out, really should investigate Hughes output more, even at the time he managed to slip under the door, I have AFAIK never heard a Trapeze track which is strange considering the Purple/Judas Priest connection
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