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Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
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Edited Mar 21, 2011, 13:57
Re: Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
Mar 21, 2011, 13:56
machineryelf wrote:
The Who – Sell Out
Can – Ege Bamyasi never really rated this, was quite surprised at all the praise this got a couple of weeks back, still strikes me as a lesser part of the can canon

Very true. Every time I think "oh, Ive been ignoring this one" I go back and find out why. Medicore by their standards.

machineryelf wrote:
Late entry Mahavishnu Orchestra - Apocalypse I loathe all that Mahavishnu speedy jazz wank, and when someone pointed out they liked this on face I was fully prepared to pour scorn, but on listening I found that George Martin had sprinkled magic fairy dust on this , reigned in the faster than thou stuff and actually made a decent album, checked out the Emerald follow up, back to the jazzwank, still proof along with Gong Floating Anarchy that even the vilest of musicians have a decent record in them somewhere [except Paul Weller]

Wont hear a word against Apocalypse. Glad you like it a bit. It's gorgeous. Jazzwank is all in the ears of the beholder. I know some people who think Bolin is total jazzwank and "Play Me Out" too. Which is self-defeating madness to me.

BTW the Steve Vai's shows with Zappa Plays Zappa were really good and evidence for the defence but I agree on "Eat 'Em" though I like "Skyscraper" too, especially for his acoustic playing.
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