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Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
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Re: Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
Mar 20, 2011, 16:33
IanB wrote:
redfish365 wrote:
IanB wrote:
redfish365 wrote:
Raingods isn't one of my favorite Fish albums... and that's why I pulled it out. That said, I love Fish and Fish-era Marillion to the point of having the Fish logo tattooed on my body. Sunsets is Fish's last really great album... but you're right about the spoken word stuff and about Johnny Punter!

Regarding Warning, the vocals ate why I like it. Most of the genre is plagued by that cookie monster vocals which I can't abide!

Fugazi and Clutching At Straws I love. Misplaced Childhhood not so much. Script sits somewhere in between. Then again I only got properly into the Fish era after going mad over Brave and Afraid Of Sunlight.

No love for Hogarth or a Barry tattoo?

Am American, was on a school trip to England which I turned into a record buying extravaganza! Saw Pallas and Twelfth Night on back to back evenings at the Marquee also). Kinda feel like liking Horgarth would be disloyal or something. My brother and some friends do like Hogarth era stuff... Brave is frequently mentioned as one I "need to give fair hearing to" but I really can't . It's complicated.

Superb story. Seriously good school trip. The old Marquee in Wardour Street was a real theatre of dreams in my teenage years. I would go straight to Happiness Is The Road and Marbles myself and come back to Brave but it doesn't sound like you are game for either. Full marks for commitment. I am old and still harbour a major Trevor Rabin allergy. Just the name sets me off ..

Trevor Rabin bugs the shit outta me too man. That really wasn't Yes!

Ah my school trip of '83 wouldn't have been a tenth as cool if our teacher wasn't so cool. Props to Mr. Ladd! He didn't have to take me to the Marquee once much less twice! The rest of our group wad given free reign for these nights as none of them had heard of Pallas or Twelfth Night nor woulda cared if they did. We also saw, as an entire group, Missing Personz at the Lyceum... as well as all the historical and touristy sites. A beautiful and wonderful country. We spent 2 weeks... me Mr Ladd and one other male student and about 8 other girls. The time of my life! We stayed at some hotel right off Piccadilly Circus... the name of which escapes me now. Darn!
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