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Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
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Moon Cat
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Edited Mar 20, 2011, 16:00
Re: Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
Mar 20, 2011, 15:20
Hail! \m/

Julian Cope - The Jehovahcoat Demos. Plopped into the pod on Friday. Early listens are favourable. Other HHers have posited this as a kind of hinterland betwixt the JehovahKill period and The Rite series and that makes sense listening so far. Love all the packaging too!

Romeo Must Die - Hardship in Season. Utterly generic but quite fun metalcore. Freebie album with Metal Hamster.

Doves - Kingdom of Rust. Finally, a Manchester band realises that it's ok to rock and then they split up after. Gah!

Greg(o)rian - The Dormancy of Our Omnicient Masters. The logo is proabably a hint of the SunnO))) worship going on here. Pretty metal doom and drone stuff. Slow riffage and much heaviness on display. Not re-inventing the wheel but I like it! Free download too!

The Defiled - Grave Times. Modern metal with cyber flourishes. Again, not stunning, but entertaining enough. Another MH Freebie. Tis the way of things it seems

Felix Da Housecat - Son of Analogue. Pleasingly left of centre but groovey electronica.

Ozzy Osbourne - Scream. Apart from the first two albums I've never been much of a fan of solo Oz, but this is a belter. Another old rock-git rediscovers his mojo.

Black Country Communion - S/T. Love it!
Basement Jaxx -Scars
Black Tempest - Secret Astronomies. Lab coat wearing loon makes bloopment in excelsis 8^)

New Model Army - Today is a Good Day. Great stuff!
MGMT - Congratulations. Like this a lot!

Shere Khan - Age. Hadn't played this excellent drum n bass double for ages. It's top stuff!

The Darkness - Permission to Land/One Way Ticket to Hell...And Back. Rawk me!

The Shining - Grindstone. Metally jazz metal jazzed up with mad bits!

Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn - Causeway. Fiddler and guitarist combine to make pleasant album of jazztinged Irish folk. Like it!

Worm Oroubourous - S/T. Lush!

Elbow - Build A Rocket Boys. This is properly good. A few more listens have opened up things and there's some lovely stuff going on. In fact, and I don't say this lightly, some of this album makes me think there's stuff that's not a million miles from latterday Kate Bush - seriously! - if she were a thick-set Northern romantic bloke rather than the sexy siren supreme that she is. The English vibe and prog tinged sonics do make me think of her work. Dismiss them as standard indie fare at your peril say I.

Have a nice week tune twisters x
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