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Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
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Re: Soundtracks To Our Lives Weekending 19/03/11
Mar 20, 2011, 14:37
Our local library has had a bit of a clear out, so picked up a few odds and ends out of curiosity, as they were only 50p a pop.

Mudhoney - The Lucky Ones
Not heard owt since the 2002 album 'Since We've Become Translucent' which I liked a lot. This one seems OK, only gave it the once over so far, though don't think it's a s good as 'Since We...' on initial impressions.

Laika - Wherever I Am, I Am What Is Missing
Not the best release by Laika, but nice enough background music. Not sure you could claim that as a recommendation though.

Pansy Division - Total Entertainment
Remember these from a great Iggy/Stooges covers album 'We Will Fall' from a few years back. They did a great version of 'Loose' on it. CD's OK, as the title implies, it's fairly entertaining, if fairly straight forward rock/pop punk. S'OK. Will probably bear repeated listenings.

Bunnymen - Evergreen
Not their best record by a long straw, but not their worst either.

Stooges - Funhouse 2CD Remaster
Wow! this sounds F***in' grrrreaat. Had this cranked to 11 this morning and put one of those shit eatin' grins on my face the whole time. Deffo better than my tired old 1st edition CD's, no question, plus an extra disc of selections of tracks from the bumper Funhouse 7 CD release from several years back on Rhino.

Stooges - Stooges 2CD Remaster
See above, sounds awesome. 2nd disc is alternate versions and mixes, all of which are worth hearing. 50p, Whose complaining!

Non library stuff

Suuns - Zero QC + EP
These guys are awesome. I thought it was Clinic initially when i stuck it on my walkman, but they soon diversify into other 'art rock' areas. Like's em lots.

Comus - Song To Comus
Love Comus, though disc 1 of this 2 disc completist thang is where the good stuff is if I'm honest. Not so enamoured of the later stuff.

Holy Sons - Criminals Return
Still diggin' this baby. He really is the most depressing songwriter truth be told, but more than made up by the simple but engaging music. Got to get hold of the new Grails album too, the bit's I've read on HH make it sound as good as 'Burning Off Impurities'.

Bowie - Low/Diamond Dogs
Had some birthday pennies from mummy and daddy and these were up at £2.99 each on Amazon, soooo.
Man!, These remasters sound amazing. There are sounds and frequencies on Warszawa that I've NEVER heard, and I've had this record since I was 17 (I'm 44 now). Best 2.99 spent in ages!
I always steered away from the Diamond Dogs album, even though it has 3 of my fav' Bowie tracks in the aforementioned 'Diamond Dogs', 'Rebel Rebel' and '1984'. I Don't know? it has a real air of foreboding about it, and I find if I'm not in the right head-space, it can be quite heavy for a pop record (Ditto Pulp's 'This Is Hardcore') esp' the track 'Candidate', which really puts the willies up me for some reason. Buuuuut, It's been on all week, loving it all over again, guess my heads in a funny place:/

Liars - Drums Not Dead
This has gotten under my skin to a ridiculous degree, must play it 2 or 3 times a day at the minute. I love the LIARS!

Cope - Jehovahcoat Demos
Still getting a look in, still enjoying the latter phases.

Cope - FG2 2CD version
Another cheapy on Amazon, £5.99. I have it already as a vinyl album (though the cat ripped up the cover when he was a kitten), but it's well worth a punt, as the second CD rounds up the collection nicely.

Hells! re-reading that post, seems I've re-bought a small chunk of my music collection. Keep swearing I'm not gonna do it, but the lure of 'extra' trax/discs/ better sound means I always do. Gaaah!, I'm a total sucker!
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