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"Paracletus" (2011) - Deathspell Omega
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Mar 04, 2011, 05:45
I thought Kenose was one of the best underground metal records of all time. It was just a complete odd-ball piece of genius weirdness. They also get 10 devil horns out of 10 for the superb band name and the cool logo.

I find them on the whole difficult to listen to, but there are parts of their sonic palate where they're simply the most evil sounding wall of thrashy chaos out there. Genuinely crushing and mayhemic but with a sort of obsessive mathy construction. Not heard this latest one but it's on my "to buy" list. They're also sadly falling into that metal-insider category of being the latest band it's cool to dislike now (it just takes one hipster to buy a t-shirt and you're fucked).

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