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Albums of the Year 2010
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Re: Albums of the Year 2010
Dec 22, 2010, 20:39
I like what I've heard from that Ariel Pink as well as Women's Public Strain (kind of a Sonic Youth deal with Zombies-ish vox). Wasn't too into the Arcade Fire apart from a few songs. I kind of like what I've heard of that MGMT, actually. As for metal, the Burzum grew on me quite a bit. Not his best by a long shot, but worthy of the name and worth listening to. I really liked Demontage's (Canada) "The Principal Extinction." Kind of a cross between weird 80s heavy metal (Brocas Helm, Manilla Road, Mercyful Fate) and the Czech black metal bands (Master's Hammer, Root). Check it out. I also liked what I've heard of the Atlantean Kodex, which was more of an epic/doom metal thing, like early Candlemass meets early Manowar or something. I liked the Zuul album for hard rockin' nwobhm throwback worship.

Other than that, I've mostly been listening to old stuff.
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