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Soundtracks to our lives w/e 13/11/10
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Fitter Stoke
Fitter Stoke
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Soundtracks to our lives w/e 13/11/10
Nov 14, 2010, 10:42
Cor, I must be the first out of bed this Sunday.

Been on an uncool 80's vibe this week, which means having to confess to:

Level 42 'Standing In the Light' - cheesy 80's keyboards (the bain of so many records from that decade) aside, this is a much better album than posterity has decreed. Mark King's lot made some thoroughly decent and inventive albums before singles success lost them their edge. This is the best one IMHO;

U2 'October' - this has aged much better. While 'Boy' had the better songs, this has by far the superior engineering and production. My 29 year old vinyl copy positively rings out. If only U2 could have maintained this level of passion;

Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen '...For The Ghosts Within' - which I've also got on vinyl, and how gorgeous it is, both aurally and aesthetically. Robert's voice range has lost its top notes these days, but the positive side of that is an added world-weary, melancholy edge which is absolutely compelling. Laid back, resigned and wonderful;

Thin Lizzy 'Thin Lizzy' - interesting debut, exhibiting a much wider palette of styles than the out-and-out rock that made Lizzy's name. Lynott's vocal prowess was never better displayed than here; in fact at times he's simply amazing. Fine new remastering too;

Deep Purple 'Come Taste The Band' - another essential 70's remaster, and an even more desirable modern remix which truly brings this radically underrated Purple record into pure daylight. Check out Bolin's overdubbed axe magic on the extended outro to 'Getting Tighter' and try to lift your jaw from the floor;

Sandy Denny 'Like An Old Fashioned Waltz' - Sandy's most MOR album, but still well worth a listen for some of her finest singing on record...and of course 'Solo', which is her greatest composition to my ears;

Julian Cope 'Fried' - I'm delighted to report that after a year of Glee and Fall Out Boy, my 11 year old daughter has responded more than positively to 'Reynard The Fox' and spent most of yesterday intoning its (wonderful) chorus;

Guillemots 'Through The Windowpane' - mainly for the staggeringly OTT closer 'Sao Paulo' which is another song blessed with a sublime chorus, as well as an orchestral arrangement that sounds like prime Scott Walker overdubbed atop Barry Ryan on speed. The ending makes 'A Day In The Life' sound minimalistic. A absolute classic.

Have you ever been thrown across the water?

May your week resound with hot vibes, dear friends

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