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Re: Live Albums
Sep 08, 2010, 10:48
Dog 3000 wrote:
Just realize I misspoke in my original post -- Sabbath "Live At Last" is the munged-out crudathon to which I meant to refer. The Dio live album is a little too produced for my taste.

One of the most absurd live albums ever is Ozzy's "Speak Of The Devil" -- for one thing it's obviously NOT live, since Oz sounds hoarse and out of breath when he talks to the audience, but as soon as the music starts all of a sudden he's double-tracked and buried in reverb! And his shit band consists of: the lead guitarist from Night Ranger, the bass player from Quiet Riot and the drummer from Black Oak Arkansas!! They do 100% Sabbath songs, because this album was rushed out to compete with Dio-Sabbath's "Live Evil" album. And the punchline is the Ozzy record sold a lot more copies.

Anyway, "Spock" is a bootleg and I'm sure it's not too hard to find online, or else someone around here can trade you a copy. The sound (and performance) is waaaaay better than "Live At Last".

Video-wise, that Sabbath TV gig from Paris 1970 is one of the greats. I used to have a VHS bootleg, think it might have been legitimately released by now?


Strongly disagree! I've always loved Speak of the Devil. For many people (myself included), that LP was a route into the Sabs' back catalogue. Brad Gillis does an amazing job, I reckon, all things considered.

My favourite live albums are:

Albert Ayler - Live in Greenwich Village
Miles Davis - Dark Magus
AC/DC - If You Want Blood
Jeck & Kirkegaard - Soaked
AMM - Combine and Laminates / Treatise 1984
Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years
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