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Zappa... Why did you do that?
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Cuz he wanted to
Mar 17, 2010, 22:41
These mixes have been debated about/over since they came out in the original reissue campaign on vinyl in the early 80's. Most people were outraged because these albums were viewed as classic, and fine the way they were. Frank was never happy with the sounds he got from the original Mothers, or with the quality of studio recording available at the time. When it came time to put them out again, he decided to add new bass & drums and tweak a lot of the other sounds or remix here and there. It wasn't because the multitrack tapes were damaged, though the 2-track stereo master for WOIIFTM may have been.

Personally, I prefer the 80's mixes over the originals. They were never psychedelic 60's albums to begin with, no matter who listened to them. They were of their own time and still are. The real reason people don't like the new mixes has nothing to do with sonics, and everything to do with nostalgia. Just like some people think things sound better on vinyl, really they are just nostalgic for that 'perceived authenticity'.

Maybe because I heard the 80's versions of Money and Ruben first, I'm biased it the opposite direction, but when I listen to the seperate mixes, I'm gobsmacked that someone can prefer the originals for purely sonic reasons. Fair enough if you're only in it for the nostalgia, but Frank knew exactly what he was doing when he changed these albums for the better. I even think the remix of Lumpy Gravy is improved as heard on the recent Lumpy Money reissue.

I realize I'm the minority in this section of the Zappa camp, and you will find many many more supporters of the pro 60's mixes, but I couldn't keep quiet.

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