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Zappa... Why did you do that?
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Zappa... Why did you do that?
Mar 17, 2010, 12:17
A while back I got hold of some MP3's of early Zappa material. I have most of these albums on CD and know them very well, however a friend has had them on loan for a very long time.

I'm particularly fond of We're Only In It For The Money, so I'm sure you can imagine my shock and horror to hear the MP3 version I'd acquired when I played it yesterday and found it to be covered with feckin horrible 80's bass guitar and Jazz drum work.

WTF Zappa? You took something 'of it's time' and turned it into something else entirely. It hurt my ears. I'm sure Jimmy Carl Black must have wanted to hit you for replacing his perfectly adequate beats with all this double kick drum flim flam nonsense.

I'd heard the 80's reworked Ruben and The Jets album, which was bad enough, but why turn a pastiche of 60's psychedelic albums into something that sounds nothing like a 60's psychedelic album? It's just wrong and I have no idea what the man was thinking.

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