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Re: Zappa
Feb 26, 2010, 13:29
The Sea Cat wrote:
IanB wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:
That's been one of my psychic obstacles into getting into Zappa, although I've liked most of what I've heard. I don't mind taking the piss but I draw the line at being sneered at and also I have to wonder, why play it if it's so 'beneath' you?

Still, ultimately I'm open to hearing more.

That's what pissed me off about Jon Anderson - it's the "I shouldn't have to be here doing this for you assholes" thing. I see that a lot from sidemen/women who think they should be the star of the show but I really resent paying money out for tickets only to be treated like a fool by the beneficiary.

That said "Boulez Plays Zappa" and "The Yellow Shark" are great recordings of modern classical music in their own right - quite seperate from FZ's whole "Libertarian of Rock" shtick. And I DO like a lot of his rock recordings and his whole Carolos-Santana-Discovers-Serialism guitar style can be pretty thrilling at times.

Jon Anderson? What's the story there. I always thought he seemed a reasonable enough guy who was replaced by a tribute artist because he was in poor health.

Last few times I have seen them live (since the 96 comeback) there has been more than a bit of the "I can't take this shit seriosusly" attitude in his stage manner and patter. I don't know whether that is because it's London and he thinks we are all covert NME writers out to give him and his band a pasting or whether it is just his general demeanour.
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