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Edited Feb 22, 2010, 20:36
Re: Zappa
Feb 22, 2010, 20:35
Dog 3000 wrote:
. . . and that would have never occurred to me! Coming the other direction, I suppose "Hot Rats" is the place to start if you can't NOT listen to tunes played on rock instruments!

Not long ago I was bowled over by "Punky's Whips" -- a notorious song because of it's lyrics, but it's a tremendous piece of MUSIC underneath. Very easy to get put off by the singing sometimes . . . fortunately he also made lots of instrumental music.

I think a fair number of people get put off of FZ because of the whole fusion thing - tricky time signatures and, in some of his bands, a lot of sub jazz clever-clever noodling. Especially the drummers and guitar players. The actual tunes have a lot more in common with early 20th century classical so I think listening to them that way may be a way in for the fusionphobic. I may be completely misguided though!

Punkys Whips is a very good example of a great tune buried under a load of crap.
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