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Lady Gaga on The Brits
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red paeony
red paeony
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Re: Lady Gaga on The Brits
Feb 17, 2010, 15:37
I couldn't see it over here, but I did see snippets of her.

I used to not like Lady Gaga and the hype, at all, but I now think she's the real deal. She writes her own music/lyrics, plays piano, a bit of guitar, and she can sing. Plus, she's reallllly out there. I think she leaves her contemporaries in the dust. One can look ridiculous for the sake of it, but she has talent to back up the quirkyness.

Madonna took elements of punk clothing and mixed them with girly clothes, when she was living in New York going to dance clubs. She only learned to sing properly after she was in Evita. She's not without her talent, of course. Lady Gaga, though, has a belter of a voice, and fcuk know's where she gets these wild ideas.

I like her. I think she's fearless with her audience, and only 23 years old, ffs!

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