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Your Life Through Music
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Gnostic Almighty
Gnostic Almighty
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Your Life Through Music
Jul 28, 2009, 18:38
I can't every artiste/group ever listened to, but here is a list of 10 of the musical ensembles that accompanied me through important times of my life, starting with pubescence ...

Mud (loved 'Mud Rock' when I was 14!) Slade followed soon after, but Mud was first.
The Damned (the first 'music' that inspired me at 16)
Nick Lowe (I thought he was a good songwriter ... Pure Pop for Now People. Never realised at the time he'd been around for years in Brinsley Schwarz. Getting better with age.)
Motorhead (wow ... Overkill is STILL a classic!)
Diamond Head ... thought they were good. I listened to them a lot until I actually realised Led Zeppelin had done it all before, and much better!)
The Icicle Works (... circa 1984 ... I just loved the voice. Stadium rock on a budget. Better than U2, Simple Minds I thought at the time. Nirvana still sounds decent today. Ian McNabb is still releasing too.)
The Smiths. Simply stunning. Much copied, never really bettered for what they were.
Julian Cope (Jehovakill ... I liked the Teardrops, but this was revolutionary at the time. It still gets played. Upwards at 45 Degrees .... indeed.)
Hawkwind. Very late actually listening to them, but loved it once I 'got it'.
Mark Knopfler ... coming from the North East I find his solo stuff quite hypnotic, if a little conservative. Never really cared for Dire Straits!
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