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Youtube to take down music video content in the UK
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: PRS, license to do fuck all.
Mar 11, 2009, 01:42
micmacmoc wrote:

It is not fair! I understand that 80% of the money they collect goes to 20% of the artists, presumably Bongo, Godolf and fucking Collins.

As I understand it, the way RIAA royalties in the USA are distributed means if you play Black Flag or Anal Magic or a cassette of your teenage cousin's band on the radio, then Michael Jackson gets a penny (and triple that if the Internet is somehow involved.)

There is nothing that connects up "what was actually played" with "who gets paid" -- I would have no qualms paying musicians whose music I like, but why should Bono or MJ get most of the money just because they shifted a lot of units in the past?

The bit about bugging you to resubscribe to their service frankly sounds like a "protection racket." Artists should want their music played for FREE in record shops, it's incredibly valuable advertising! (Sheeit baby, bands should pay the stores for that kind of exposure!!)

I'm a friend to musicians everywhere, but these "unions that (supposedly) protect musicians" are infuriating . . .
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